superhero costumes from DC show

The 5 greatest superhero costumes from DC show have appeared on the screen.

superhero costumes from DC show

A DC exhibition just opened in London, with more than 40 original costumes from large screens on display, as well as hundreds of original comic books and preparatory paintings. Fans spent a day watching the show and narrowing down more than 40 iconic costumes to the five greatest ever.

Batman (1989) Michael Keaton’s Batman Costume

Batman (1989) Michael Keaton's Batman Costume

Director Tim Burton brought the 60’s TV series “Batman” to the big screen. The Batman iconic costume was re-conceived in the movie version. Using comics, he stood out from the early Batman’s tights and elastic fabrics, and with his designer’s plan, he came up with a more convincing, protective, and threatening outfit. And compete with the disturbing criminal clowns in Gotham City.

Superman (1978) Christopher Reeve’s Superman Costume

Superman (1978) Christopher Reeve's Superman Costume

Director Patty Jenkins considers the film’s influence on her treatment of Wonder Woman. But Christopher Reeve, like the film itself, was remembered affectionately because he infused the character on the big screen. Who can forget that his 6-foot-3 inch body is crowded in that tight-fitting suit?

Catwoman-Batman Returns (1992) Michelle Pfeiffer’s unforgettable catwoman

Catwoman-Batman Returns (1992) Michelle Pfeiffer's unforgettable catwoman

Seeing “Cat Women” in real life is what you want. The attention to detail is quite amazing, and you will be amazed at how Michelle squeezes in. The fashion designer told another magazine that they wanted it to be “black, sexy, tight and shiny.” Originally designed for another actress, in fact, Michel is very suitable for this outfit.

Wonder Woman (1975-1979) Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman is from the TV series of the 1970s.

Wonder Woman (1975-1979) Linda Carter's Wonder Woman is from the TV series of the 1970s.

Although people pay a lot of attention to the latest “magic women’s dress” – it is Gail Plus, but the most impressive thing is Linda Carter’s groundbreaking costumes in the 1970s TV series. Public awareness continues.

Frozen Man – Batman and Robin (1997) Frozen clothing in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film

Frozen Man - Batman and Robin (1997) Frozen clothing in Arnold Schwarzenegger's film

The film “Queen Man” is played by Schwarzenegger, which combines a three-piece liner for simulating refrigeration ducts and vacuum metal fiberglass armor. It also includes hand-made aluminum parts. Metal hoses are attached from the helmet and breastplate to the back of the aluminum refrigeration control panel of the garment. In close-up shots, Schwarzenegger’s mouth is equipped with an LED lighting system that requires a battery to operate.