do men need pajamas

Do men need a pajamas?

What is the so-called real pajamas? Does a man need pajamas?

In fact, pajamas has always been a man’s thing. This Persian word originally referred to the loose pants that Indian men wear daily. The term was listed in English during the British colonial rule of India from the 18th to the 19th centuries. Because in the Victorian era, around 1870, Pajamas, who was brought back to Britain by the colonists, became a night attire for Western nobles and was given a symbol of fashion. Made of soft and comfortable materials such as flannel and lightweight cotton, it has become the name for pajamas.

Portrait of Indian Man Wearing White Pajamas in 1844

Do men need a pajamas

Before Pajamas became popular in Europe, men would wear a pair of underwear that was about knees long, sleeved or sleeveless when they slept. But when pajamas became fashionable, everyone had a vertical striped pajamas, unless he was a dull person, then he would choose a pure white pajamas.

Do men need a pajamas

Gradually, the material of pajamas changed from flannel to high-grade dense cotton and silk that showed more taste and identity. Around 1920, European nobles who were obsessed with Asian (Chinese and Japanese) culture began to think about their pajamas, making the buttons of pajamas into the shape of Chinese knotsor changing out the loose sleeves of Japanese kimono. There was a time when pajamas looked a bit like Chinese traditional coats.

Men’s underwear in the 1920s Europe

Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the so-called pajamas are the epitome of bourgeois life: people with sufficient material conditions use different clothing to divide different social areas and show their social status. When sleeping, in the name of comfortable and breathable materials, they deliberately put on a set of clothes exclusive to sleep.

However, looking back at the history of pajamas, this move actually had a little black humor. Pajamas used to be a daily outfit for Indian men. It can be worn at home or outdoors—just like the big pants of the white undershirt of Grandpa Starling. You can do as the way you like, there is no meaning that separates open social space and privacy

Ryan Gosling at the Cannes Film Festival 2011 at the premiere in dark blue pajamas

But in the late 20th century, either because of convenience or as a fashionable rebellious attempt, a small wave of wearing pajamas into public places began in the United States. Originally in daily attire, pajamas that had been hidden in the boudoir for some time reappeared in public. Even so, many department stores or high-end restaurants will display a sign at the door stating that “People wearing pajamas will not be accepted.” Even Tesco, a British local supermarket, even banned people wearing pajamas from purchasing in 2010. But on the other hand, “pyjama style” has become a favorite concept for designers.

Dolce & Gabbana’s male models often appear on the catwalk in pajamas-style clothing, exuding sexy and hidden appeal. Thick flannel bathrobes appeared on the rookie in autumn and winter, while the gorgeous pajamas of silk was a cool touch on spring and summer show.

Marc Jacobs is also a fan of pajamas. In 2013, he made two appearances on the runway in the form of pajamas, one was wearing Prada purple polka dot silk pajamas and the other was choosing the Comme des Garcons blue-green check pajamas. “What’s the most decent thing people do? It’s to put on good clothes, organize your looks and stay at home.” This is the way he enjoys life.

Marc Jacobs not only wears pajamas on the show floor, he also wears pajamas when attending parties

Do men need a pajamas

If the “elaborate girl” hotly discussed on the Internet is radiant when you are at home, you don’t necessarily need perfect makeup, but from hair style to nails, from room aromatherapy to music played by speakers, all the small details in life are impeccable. So at least “delicate men” should have a decent set of pajamas? As Marc Jacobs describes, even if it’s just playing games at home on holidays, it’s going to be in a refreshing and clean nightwear. More great onesies pajamas for men are on wowpajamas, if you are just in need of an awesome pajamas, don’t get lost, just come and enjoy shopping on our website.